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Created & hosted by Odessa Orlewicz, Liberty Talk Canada is part of the rapidly growing independent media network in Canada. Odessa's focus is on exposing corruption across Canada and throughout the world. Topics covered include politics, the economy, medicine, health, technology, globalization and where ever her investigations lead her.

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Odessa Orlewicz is the host of Liberty Talk Canada, also co-owner of a new Canadian social media platform and community with husband Norbert and great friend Roman. Originally a dancer for Disney and actor turned businesswoman,  Odessa has started two businesses one of which she sold in 2014.  When covid hit in 2020 Odessa started to uncover some out of the ordinary evidence  already having been an avid researcher and reader years before. She is a mother of two teenage boys and married to the love of her life and a leader in the truth activism community.  Finding truth is what led Odessa to being right here today.


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